Ways to Save on Your Property Modifications and Alternations

One of the biggest concerns of homeowners when it comes to property modifications is the budget. Even if the budget already has a cushion to cover additional expenses, it is hard to avoid spending more than the initial estimate. That’s why it is important to determine the price that you can afford in order to achieve your dream home. And in order to stick with the budget, the homeowner needs to plan about the design, materials to be used, and the timing. There’s no need to cut corners just to cut the costs. Keep in mind that little things can add up and it can lead add up really fast.

Increase Efficiency of Kitchen

When planning a kitchen remodelling, it is better to maximise its functionality instead of making it bigger. There’s no need to demolish a wall in order to have additional floor area. You can start by replacing the shelves with pullout drawers that have racks for canned goods and other items you keep in the kitchen. Cost efficient cabinets that are well-designed can bring a lot of benefits than building a bigger kitchen.

Let in Natural Light without Additional Windows

Another common property modifications project is cutting a big hole in the wall to install a new window. There is a less invasive way of letting in natural light in a hallway or bathroom. You can opt for a light tube that is placed between the roof rafters that lets in sunshine down the living space. It is less expensive than an insulated window.

Consider Long Term Costs

There are some treatments that can be expensive today but they provide more savings in the long run. Sidings that have been pre-primed and pre-painted might cost more per foot but they don’t need additional paint jobs in the future. The reason is that factory finishes are applied under controlled conditions and last longer.

Use Less Recessed Light Fixtures

Recessed lights cost more than regular ones. The more recessed lights you plan, the more the remodelling project will cost. Aside from the fixtures, it is a labour intensive job to cut the holes and insulate them. Ceiling or wall mounted light gives more wattage and that means you are able to reduce the number of fixtures for the room.

Consult a Professional

Homeowners, who are thinking about doing some property modifications in their homes, should first consult with a professional. Francor specialises in property modifications and alterations. We are able to provide designs for the remodelling project, give a budget, and assure clients that the job is done on time. We are able to examine the property and provide various solutions that incorporate the homeowner’s ideas.

Don’t Move the Kitchen Sink

If it is unnecessary, then you should not touch the kitchen sink. You can change the sink but keep it in its current location. This is also the case for toilet bowls. Plumbing costs can be very expensive. If the project requires you to change the location of either the sink or the toilet bowl, then you should also consider upgrading the pipes. It might be an expensive endeavour but it will save money in the long run.

Make Decisions Early

Before signing the contract of the property modifications project, it is recommended to shop around for the fixtures, appliances and other stuff that will be placed in the kitchen, bathroom, or any other area of the home. The homeowner must be specific about what one wants and don’t rely on the estimates of the contractor. That way you’ll get what you really want in your home.

Do Own Demolition

Unless you are going to tear down the entire house, it is safe to do some of the demolition work on your own. Just make sure that you coordinate with the contractor. That way you will not accidentally demolish a load-bearing wall or cut into plumbing or electrical system of the home.

Look for Cheaper Alternatives

There are times when you can save a lot of money by choosing the cheaper alternative that looks like your first choice. There are flooring materials that look and feel like hardwood but they are grown in sustainable plantations. They cost less but looks like the real thing.

Property modifications don’t need to cost a lot of money. Working with the right contractor, such as Francor, can help reduce your expenses. We make sure that your remodelling jobs are done right the first time. That way your project will finish on time and within budget.

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